My Week

This week I had fun, i will write the things now that i liked the most.

Bubbles. Blowing Bubbles. I did so much of that this week! I also got bit by an ant. That wasn’t very fun… I played a bit of mancala. (the board game) I went to the Charlotte history museum. That was so much fun!!! I really liked the old house and the indoor play place. I liked it when the tour guide rung the big Liberty bell. I got to feel the bell vibrate with my hands and we all hit the bell so it would ring again! THANKS FOR READING!!!

My fun week!

This week I had lots of fun, but I am only going to write the best parts. This was the 1st week with the bunny! It’s so fun with her around! She just bites me sometimes. Another fun part was Andrew and Tessa’s around the sun! Both there treats were popsicals and they were good! I also made Me and Liberty’s Birthday party invitations. And, it was the first week of snack. All the snacks we picked out were so good! On Thursday, Kate and I played spies, we were horrible! But it was fun anyway. THANKS FOR READING!!!!

My amazing 3 day week

I had a really fun week! I am going to write about some stuff.

On Thursday a lot of the school went to Rita’s, including me. I got Coffee and Vanilla custard, and some of Kate’s Misto. It was Cherry and Vanilla. I also went to a convenience store and tried on shoes. Before all that I went to Starbucks. And all of that was with Dan, Liberty, and Kate. It was a super fun day! I also did the bunny meeting!


On Friday (today) I drove to a park and played capture the flag. It was fun and really hot and humid. While chasing someone I twisted my ankle, that wasn’t a fun part.


On Wednesday I played with Elle, we went outside and raced! I also did the camping meeting for a camping trip, I really want to go!



My Week

I am going to type 1 or 2 things after each day of the week. If you read my weekly blog post, you will know I did this last week.

Monday: I DON’T KNOW

Tuesday: Rays Splash Planet

Wednesday: Rita’s, Die off

Thursday: Natalie’s Horse Farm

Friday: Bouncy House


Those are some of the things I did this week. THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Week

This is what I am going to do. I am going to write each day of the week, then write 1 or 2 things of what I did that day.


Monday:  played surgery, and made headbands

Tuesday:  Balanced water in a cup on my head, and played dentist

Wednesday: Die off, painted nails and signed Natalie’s cast


Friday: Pillow fight, and hide and seek


Those are the things I did all week! Thanks for reading my blog post!!


My week

Today I played in the hose with Kate. Yesterday was also fun. I came from home to school and right when I got there I went to Nancy and Thomis’s wedding. It was fun, I had a lot of cookies and lollipops. This is all I am going to blog about. So…… THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG POST THIS WEEK.

My Week

This week was really fun. I will name some things I did this week. Here are some of the things from my Trello:

Monday: Pretended to have one arm like Bethany Hamilton, dumped water on my hair only, and went to the park to play school.

Tuesday: I had a waterfight, and painted my nails.

Wednesday: Made Shampoo and conditioner with Reagan to sell, and Tessa’s spa.v

Thursday: Smudged my face in the mud with Kate and Liberty, Wrote a song with Kate, Picnic in the park.

Friday: TALENT SHOW, blogging and trello.


Those are some things I did this week and I will name one thing I did next week.


NASA TRIP!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun in Nasa and I really enjoyed the Gift Shop.




please comment saying: I read the post, if you read my post.

My Week I never remember

So…. I am supposed to write about my week. But, as you all know that read my posts each week. I never remember my week that much at all.  So I will write about today and anything I remember from my week. I’ll start of what I did today.


COOKING SURPRISE!!!! The surprise was banana and chia seed pudding. It was awesome! I loved it!

Yesterday, me and Kate were having fun in our secrete hideout and Kate found in the couch cushions a necklace. We gave it to Lori and she said she will keep it on her desk if anyone comes looking for it.


What I’m looking forward to today:


HUNTINGTON BEACH TRIP!!!!!!!! These are the people that are staying with me. Alona, Lib, Nancy, and Charlotte. I am going to have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!! Got to go now!!! Bye! THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!