Friday Morning

This week we are trying something new where we blog in the morning, so I wont be blogging about the Spanish restaurant.

This week my favorite thing was probably the mystery science on the moon and why it changes shape. It changes shape because the sun moves around the moon which lights up different parts. I also have been climbing the tree like, every day of the week and its really fun. There are 3 parts of the tree that are my favorite, ones pretty high, one is a little lower and another is pretty low to the ground. I wrote a song with Tessa and that was fun but you will probably (hopefully) never hear it. I also enjoyed doing cartwheels with Tessa and teaching her how to do a pop cartwheel. It’s really fun and a step closer to an ariel. We also pretended to be gymnastic spies, where you are spies but do rolls and cartwheels everywhere.


I didn’t have any challenges this week.


Next week I want to do Mystery Science. We are starting the human body next week and I can’t wait. I’m excited for the one about what blind people see and how your brain controls your body. Those are the only ones I’ve heard of though. I also am super excited for the pumpkin patch on Thursday.


Well, that’s all, Bye! THANKS FOR READING!!!!

Kitty, Restaurant, Play dough, and More!

Hello! today I am going to write about lots of little things.

This week I brought Minerva or Minnie for short to school on Thursday and Friday. Minnie is the kitten I am fostering for up to a month and a half. She is white with black spots, tiny, and adorable. She likes to play and she likes to take naps on you. Everyone at school likes her, which is good because then we can take to school a lot.

This week I learned how to make play-dough. I am now the queen of play-dough because I have and made so much. I think the recipe is 2 1/2 flour, 1 1/4 salt, 1 tablespoon cream of tartar. Then 2 1/2 cups boiling water, and 5 table spoons oil. Maybe vegetable oil. After you mix all of that super well with your hands, you split it up and add paint to make it colorful, Its really fun and easy to make, I suggest it.


I also learned about constellations. I learned how since the earth is orbiting around the sun, you see different constellations in different seasons.


One of my favorite things about his week was the Spanish Restaurant. This week we had the option of Tea, lemonade, or water. For the appetizers, we had really good spring rolls Nancy made with a peanut dip. For the meal, I ate blackbeans with rice. It was really fun and delicious!



-Questions Of The Week-


Each Member of your family gets a superpower. Who gets what and why?


My dad would get the ability to snap his fingers to make anything appear. Because then we would get really cool stuff like the Tesla and an awesome grill for him to cook on. My mom would get the power to make people feel better when they are sick if they want to. Because then instead of feeling terrible they could do something fun, normally the mom is stuck taking care of sick kids. Alona would get the super power to talk with animals, so she could foster lots of animals and be able to talk with them. I would get the super power to fly so I could travel to all the places in the world.



What would happen if kids rules the world?


Schools would be banned, trampolines wherever you go, all the movies in the world would be free and you could do whatever you wanted all day with no super vision.


Thats all! THANKS FOR READING!!!! Bye!

Spanish Resturant

Hi! This is going to be one of my longer blogs.


El mejor de la semana fue el restaurante español! Hoy en día, Maribel vino con sus dos hijos y nos sentamos en la mesa de la comida. Nancy había establecido la mesa con un mantel y envuelto desgaste de plata, los menús y frases útiles. Tuvimos unos camareros y cocineros que sólo hablaban en español. Fue super divertido! Tengo uvas para mi aperitivo y Pho para mi comida. Era curioso cómo sirvieron una sopa vietnamita en un restaurante español. Me gustaba decir Resturante mosaico es delisiouso. Que es el restaurante Mosaic es delicioso!


The highlight of my week was the Spanish Restaurant! Today, Maribel came with her two kids and we sat at the food room table. Nancy had set up the table with a table cloth and wrapped up silver wear, menus, and helpful phrases. We had a waiters and cooks that only spoke in Spanish. It was super fun! I got grapes for my appetizer and Pho for my meal. It was funny how they served a Vietnamese soup at a Spanish restaurant. I liked saying Resturante Mosaic es delisiouso. Which is Mosaic Restaurant is delicious!


The other highlight of my week was Liberty, my best friends around the sun! We ran around the sun, I pretended to be her mom and afterwards we had popsicals.


The other highlight of my week was Mystery Science on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday we made magnetic liquid type thing thats hard to explain. On Thursday we made out own sundials. with paper plates, playdough, toothpicks. a sheet of paper, and pencils. I haven’t had a chance to try mine out though.


The other highlight of my week was going to the fire station. I think` I mentioned us taking a walk and we ran into fire man last week and they gave us a tour of the fire station, and fire-safety. that was last week. So yesterday we took a walk to give them cookies, bath-bombs, and a card.


Another highlight was the Talent Show. It didn’t go as Liberty and I hoped, but it was still fun to see the talents. Liberty and I sang I Don’t Know My Name by Grace Vanderwaal. It wasn’t our best but what ever.



Fractions, PEH, and more

Hello again! This week I am going to answer some questions Nancy printed out to help people with writing blogs.


So, during PEH this week I worked on fractions a lot with Nancy. I really enjoy doing them with her. I have sorted them out in a number line from biggest to smallest using brownies as an example.

Next week I plan to color some mandalas, make more bathbombs (hopefully), and have fun!

I felt really good when I completed the fractions correctly.





Question: Pretend you have $100, but you were not allowed to keep it for yourself. You have to give it to charity or a person. Who would you give the money to? What would you want the person to do with it?


Answer: I would give $50 to charity and I would give $50 to the #onecampus fund raiser. I would want the charity to help homeless people and people with no food. I would want the school to put it towards buying the new campus.


So this blog post will be a little different. I’m going to write from some prompts Nancy wrote.


During PEH this week I… Wrote in my LisTEN journal that my aunt wrote. Helped Jackson read, and worked on fractions


New activities I tried this week were.. Mystery Science, One of the ones we did were, how to win tug of war with an elephant. So, I thought it was gonna be something with science like pull a different way or something. Nope. Roller skates. The answer is to put roller skates on an elephant. It was pretty disappointing but its a good laugh. Also, I didn’t copy @tessao, mine would have been published earlier, but I was almost done and my whole post all the sudden erased. Next, Writers Workshop. Writers Workshop has started and I am writing a book, not ready to share it yet though. Every Monday we go to another location and write, every Wednesday we stay at school and do it. Last but not least, peg people! We paint the wood people figures with paint and cut felt in shapes. I made a fairy, and princess, and a gnome.


Next week I plan to.. Make bath bombs with Melissa. Today we went shopping for the supplies and I’m really excited to make them.








Keeping a wild animal in a zoo is inhumane



It is. Just imagine. You and your family are having a nice dinner and some people come up to you and drag you and your family away. You are in a small dark box and the next thing you know little kids are making faces at you, adults taking pictures, you’re in a small cage, you’re lonely, your family is never to be seen again by you, and last but not least, the wild is forever gone. Imagine spending every day with faces up to the cage walls and stuck in that cage for the rest of your life. It is so inhumane and cruel. Yes I love going to zoos but its just mean.







My Blog Post

Hi it’s Elisha! I’m back! This post I’m going to tell you what questions I have about the world, the types of things I want to do more at school are, and this week I didn’t get to. So lets get started.


Questions I have about the world: What do blind people see? How could you survive a landslide, and could a volcano appear in your backyard.

Types of things I want to do more at school are: Write in my book, Drawing, and Mandala Coloring.

The things I didn’t get to this week: Gymnastics class :(, Reading (I did a little but not as much as I wanted to,) and climb a tree.


That’s all for today though! Bye see you next time and THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!

Last day of the first week of school

Hi its Elisha! This is the last day of the first week of school! Since this is my first blog of this year, i’m going to say what i want to: accomplish, learn, make, be, and practice. and maybe others that I can think of. So, first.

What I want to accomplish: Finishing the Narnia series, Climbing higher in a tree

What I want to learn: More about animals,

What I want to make: Mandalas,

What I want to be: Kinder to people, Better about chores,

What I want to practice: Drawing, Gymnastics,

Now, I’m going to choose one of my intentions and write on thing about it.


I choose…….. Gymnastics


I’m going to take classes in gymnastics.

I’m to practice whenever I can.


Bye!! Thanks for Reading!!!!!

The Garden

The ride there was about an hour, but it felt like 10 minutes!!

When my car got there we waited for about 5 minutes for the rest of our group arrived. Then Roots, Kate, Tessa, and Isabella got there and we started walking around. It was a self-guided tour so we went where we wanted to.

First we went to a birdcage looking thing that spins. Some people got inside and some people pushed them. I was one of the people inside. It was really fun until I hit my leg and got dizzy.

After that Branches and Roots separated and Branches went to a giant bird nest you can sit in. There were branches poking me but other wise it was cool.

Next, we went to the fountains! Branches and Roots were there together and we all played in the fountains and mini pools. After awhile, the big jets of water that go over a pathway turned off and we were getting ready to go. Then all the sudden when Jess was standing on the pathway, the fountains turned on and splashed her in the side of her face. It was so funny!!

Next, we visited the white garden. ALL the flowers there bloom white, that’s why a lot of people get married there. In the white garden, Jess took a picture of my group and then we looked in the gift shop. In the gift shop Kristine Webster bought everybody that wanted one a popsicle. Then, we got in the car and drove back to school! Another hour that felt like ten minutes!


My week

Hello, this is my blog. These are the things I did this week:




Tuesday: Poker with fake money, Gratitude Circle, I entered my name in a raffle to win a bag of M&Ms and won, and I played Apples to Apples with Will M, Liberty, and Alona.


Wednesday: I did Writers Workshop! Yay! Its back! I did change up, and I did a meeting on how to share our space in the school, because of projects.


Thursday: I did BOOM, George came in and he did some chemistry. I played Werewolves and won the 2nd time playing. and I made deodorant and delivered it to Urban Ministries.


Friday: Today I helped with Friendship trays, a thing where people deliver meals to people who cant leave their houses. I also played Blokus and watched Natalie, Jess, and Liberty play Trivial Pursuit.


So thats it for my blog!!




comment Blokus is awesome if you read this!


Do it now! Don’t put it off!