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I'm Elisha and i'm 9. I am awesome!

Trying to do a picture

Hello, I am back. Just going to try to do the pictures and see how hard it is.


photo (3)I just put that from a while ago. It wasn’t that hard. I don’t really know what formatting is but that was my that hard to put a picture in.

On Break

Hello! So right now I am seeing how hard it is to write a whole blog post on your phone. It isn’t that hard so far. Liam said that it is hard when he was visiting so i decided to try it out. Right now I am headed to a basketball game. Soooooooooo. Thanks for reading!!!

P.S it’s not that hard to write a blog post on your phone

Last blog post of 2015 :(:

Hello everybody. Welcome back. So, this is my last blog post of 2015! Yay, and nooo! For this blog post I am going to try to make it long and better then all my other ones. Here I go!

Monday.Good ol Monday. On Monday i had a lot of fun, I did Biztown. We are still working on it though. I am really excited to really go there for real. On Monday I also did Math U See. I am doing multiplication with Melissa. The other people taking the class are Andrew, Kate, Liberty, Isabella, and Tessa sometimes joins in on our games. Also on Monday I did gratitude circle. I really like the talking stick some people made. Its a stick with bird wings on the sides.


Tuesday. Could never forget the Tuesdays. On Tuesday Kate, Liberty, and I volunteered at Roots, the younger kids school. We helped them make salt dough sculptors. Jordan was turning 5 and we had a birthday circle. We sang this song. “babys are born in the circle of the sun, circle of the sun on birthing day.” So that was Tuesday.


Wednesday. Always so wonderful Wednesday. On Wednesday I went to urban ministries. It was fun there, a woman gave us a tour. I liked the garden and art room the best. Also I did change up. We might have to get rid of buns. Charlotte is gonna eat her. (JK) Group game was on Wednesday too. We did Epic Rock, Paper, Scissors. Alona, Liberty, and I did a dance performance we made up to the song fireflys by owl city. Its a really good song, you should listen to it sometime if you haven’t already.


Thursday. Oh Thursday. On Thursday, I did show practice. We were supposed to start filming but we are going to start when we get back in school. Also I sewed a little bit. All I did though was cut out the squares. Charlotte, Kate, and I did improve. We did instant monologue and had to make up a skit with just 2 words. My favorite Kate and I made up was Baby chicken and mustache man.


Friday. Last but not least, Friday. Today i went to the recyclery, with Charlotte and Liberty. I worked on Natalie’s bike all the time. It was fun. I also obviously blogged. and did Biztown. I found out my job!!! My job is to help the docter, and fill in for people,and buy things for the hospital. Maybe other things I forgot. THANKS FOR READING!!


P.S If you read this, comment saying I read your last 2015 blog post

My fun week

Hello! Welcome back to my blog this week I did really fun things here are a few of the things that I did.

Math U see. I did math u see, this week we didnt to math sheets though we did a game. The  game was, you had 8 spaces and there was a spinner, the first number you spin thats how many circles you draw. Then you spin again, and thats how many stars you draw in each circle. who ever has the most stars in the end wins. I wont this game.

Kate and I for 2 days a lot of the time was write the first episode in our show we are making called Lizzie and Zoey. Its about 2 girls and they are famous. I play Lizzie and Kate plays Zoey. We also had auditions and practiced a little bit.

Kate and I also did something this week called gymnastics airplane wars. Its where you have 2 people with one airplane each. You have to hit the other person with the airplane. But to get around and dodge the airplane, you have to do gymnastics like cartwheels and rolls and handstands. Its really fun! You should try it! and also when you hit the other person with the airplane, you win and they lose.


Toilet paper roll family time. Lots of people including Kate, me, Tessa, and maybe Isabella, made toilet paper roll familys. It where you take toilet paper rolls (without toilet paper on them) and glue on eyes, legs, arms, and if you want, hair. To make babys you just cut one in half and get the smaller ones of everything. Kate and I were the only ones that made them houses though.


Last but not least, presenting…. BIZTOWN! Today I did Biztown. This week we did fake interviews to eachother. I was the person who asked the questions, and the person answering questions. It was really fun, as usual.

So thats my week! THANKS FOR READING! If you read this please comment saying. “I read your awesome blog!”

My super fun week

Hello! I am back! So this week was super fun i’ll tell you what I did this week.

MONDAY: I walked to the Plaza in the rain. I didn’t really get that wet.

TUESDAY: On Tuesday I played Biztown Bingo it was fun because I like Bingo and Biztown. I won first then Liberty won the 2nd round.

WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday I did Amy S. We have one big play, and 2 dances. Then 2 more little skits. Liberty, Kate, Isabella and I in one, and Alona, Tessa, Ayan, Emilia, and Natalie. I also played family and helped Nancy build Buns a new cage. Its not done, but almost.

THURSDAY: HIDEAWAY WOODS!! At Hideaway Woods we also saw lemurs, Wolves, Bears, mini Alpacas, Turtles, Pigs, Bunnies. We went on a dinosaur trail and played in all the tree houses. There were big logs to climb on and sticks intertwined together to make really cool human sized stick houses.

FRIDAY: On Friday I did Biztown, I asked Nancy to draw me a flower and I played in the rain with Kate.

See you next time!




My week

This week was fun. On Monday I did sugar sculls, I like the decorating part. On Tuesday was Biztown, not going, but learning how to do adult stuff like checks. On Wednesday, was Amy S. also the Talent Show. Kate, Liberty, and I did a funny skit together. On Thursday, I did change up. Last of all, Friday. On Friday I played teenager, I played with Other Nancy’s fake fingers, and I went to the dance Tessa planned. Also, I wrote this blog post. Well……… That’s all!!! Bye! THANKS FOR READING!

My week

This week I did paper marbling. It was fun, I used the colors green, red, and maybe yellow. I think it looks super cool. I also did a little of woodworking. Kate and I are making a house with grass under it together. All we have is the grass glued down. On Wednesday was Amy S. It was super fun. My week was fun and that is about it! THANKS FOR READING!!!!! 

My 3 day week

I had a fun week, what I did on Wednesday (today) is I grew crystals with Jess, Tessa, Liberty, Kate, Caleb, and Dan watched. I also did a talk show with Liberty and Kate. Amy S. was today and it was super fun! We practiced the skit and played theater games. My favorite was the argument game. On Tuesday me and Kate competed in a gymnastics competition with Liberty the judge. Lastly, on Monday I watched 100 years of wedding dresses with Charlotte, Liberty, Kate, Alona, and some others. I also did Gratitude circle. I could not share though because i had to go. Well… THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!


my other half of my week

Ok, In my other post, I completely forgot about something! I sewed my self a plush pig and heart. Kate did the same thing. I now can sew by my self! Its sew fun! (get it? like sew as in so?) anyway, that is all i wanted to type sooooo….. BYE! THANKS FOR READING!!! (again!)

My Week

This week I had fun, i will write the things now that i liked the most.

Bubbles. Blowing Bubbles. I did so much of that this week! I also got bit by an ant. That wasn’t very fun… I played a bit of mancala. (the board game) I went to the Charlotte history museum. That was so much fun!!! I really liked the old house and the indoor play place. I liked it when the tour guide rung the big Liberty bell. I got to feel the bell vibrate with my hands and we all hit the bell so it would ring again! THANKS FOR READING!!!