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I'm Elisha and i'm 9. I am awesome!

Football and Armin

This week was fun, I did lots of things but there are only two things that I think stood out, those are the things I will blog about.

Capture the Flag Football was fun. How you play the game: Each team has one football, they hide their teams football and the game begins. Each person has a velcro strap attached to their waist with little “Tails” attached to the velcro on their sides and back. When You go on the other teams side, you try and get their football without someone getting one of your tails. If you get the football you MUST throw it to someone on your team. If the ball hits the ground hits the ground, it didn’t count, if the football was not dropped, then your team wins! If all three of your tails are captured by the other team, you are out of the game and your team has to win without you 🙂  The game was invented by @tomis. Shout out to you Tommy! 😀


Armin’s Talk

That was really fun to listen to. He talked about being a Refugee from Bosnia when he was like, 7 or 8 years old. It was really interesting hearing about that stuff from the perspective of an actual Refugee then Immigrant. I learned a lot more about that stuff then I did before and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I went.


I also did Spanish Restaurant with some other people.


Well, that’s all to blog about for today! Adios!

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Small Books!

This week on Wednesday I made small books. I made two that were tiny and one that is a little bigger. The bigger one is the tiniest bit cooler because it’s bigger and has more space for things to be cooler. What you do for the smaller ones is you fold the paper like you are making a paper fan. I don’t know how to explain it so if you are curious, look up a tutorial online: How To Make Paper Fans. The bigger one: Fold a square piece of paper in half, crease it. Fold it in half again but the other way, crease. Unfold again so the paper makes a plus sign when unfolded. Then, fold it into a triangle and crease it, then unfold it. the paper should look like this with the creases. Just take away one of the diagonal lines. They look really cool when done. If you wanna see a finished product, then go to @tessao

I know it was shorter then usual but I want to stop now, so bye!!!!


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Ukulele and MLK

On Monday it was Martin Luther King Jr. day. I went to the Harvey Gantt museum. Some people went to the Levine Museum and some people went to see the movie Hidden Figures. I had already seen Hidden Figures so I didn’t do the movie. The movie is awesome and I suggest seeing it if you haven’t already. It’s about 3 African American women in the 60s.



On Tuesday and Thursday I played on my ukulele.On Tuesday by myself and on Thursday I played my ukulele and Liberty (@libby) sang. @ayan said we could go on America’s Got Talent with just a little more practice, I disagree. I really like the ukulele because it easy to bring places, sounds pretty, able to sing along to, and really pretty.


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First week of school

This blog will be shorter then they usually are, this is the first week of school of 2017!!!!

Tuesday: On Tuesday I did as lot of things but I am going to name just the more important things. On Tuesday I played my ukulele. Yes, I am learning the ukulele just like Grace Vanderwaal and Tessa. I am learning a bunch of songs and It would take too long to name them all.

Friday: On Friday I did soap carving and Spanish market. I ate a lot at the market. Soap carving is where you have soap and some tools and you just… Carve! It was really fun.

I said it was gonna be short!




This week on Tuesday I played Twister. Along with, Alona, Liberty, Tessa, Andrew, Gabe, Zack, Ari and some others. I played 2 rounds of Twister. The first round I played I tied with Gabe. We went on with nobody falling for about 20ish minutes. The 2nd round I played I won when Tessa and I were the only ones left . Twister is really fun and now I want to buy it. Sorry the blog is short but I have to go. 🙁


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Sabrina, Ostriches, Wolves, Girls, and more!

Howdy! This week was fun! I am going to name a few things about my week then write a short story for your entertainment.

Monday: Nothing that was interesting

Tuesday: I met…………………………………………..SABRINA CARPENTER! Who is that you ask? Oh! You know! Just a famous actor and singer, noting special. (Sarcasm.) So, Kate and Kristine invited Liberty and I to meet Sabrina and take a pic with her. She is so nice! Basically, she walked in, sat down, kids lined up. (I was 3rd and Lib was 1st!) We said hi, she said hi, asked what our name was. She told me my name was pretty! Then took a pic and said bye! Then asked questions. (I didn’t ask one though.) It was really fun, we also got signed pics of her. That was toats AWESOME!!

Wednesday: Soap felting was super fun! Last week we made soap. This week Laura brought it in, cut and we picked out our own. First, we wrapped all of it in white wool, then took colored wool and made any designs we wanted. I did stripes and circles on mine. Then we put it in a stocking, tied the stocking and scrubbed the wool in hot water until it all connected together. Then we were done! That night I used my soap and It is the best soap EVER! I love it!

Thursday: Town Creek Indian Mounds. I don’t feel like typing so much about it so, if you want to know about the trip there, visit Tessa’s blog, @tessao.

Friday! Today: Today was the Indian Restaurant! We spoke in Thumel (don’t know how to spell it) and the food was cooked my Ayan’s mom, Videa. It is the best food ever! I wish I could have had more though. We celebrated Ayan’s 10th birthday by doing around the sun, singing, and eating delicious ice cream cake. Happy Birthday Ayan! If you read this!


Soooo, now the story.


Little Red Riding Hood

not how you knew her before



Hello! My name is Little Blue Riding Hood. You may know the story of my sister, Little Red Riding Hood, but now, you will know the story my sister has been trying to hide from you. The story of me. I live in a little cottage with my sister and mom. My dad left us a while ago, and a good thing he did, he would never approve of my evilness.


“Honey!” My mom called to me as I walked out of the living room, where she lay. “What?” I groaned. She thinks I am nice like my sister, but when she thinks I am cleaning my room, I am really plotting my revenge on her for not making banana bread like she said she would. I mean really! I don’t care if you are sick! I need my banana bread so I don’t get sick. “Would you please bring these cookies to your grandpa? He is terribly sick, and these plus your wonderful company will make him feel better.” My mom lay back down with her hand holding the basket of cookies. “I would be honored!” I said with my evil smile. I put on my Blue Riding Hood and grab the basket, mother groaning from her stomach pain. She has been sick like this for weeks now and it is so annoying how she doesn’t help out around the house. I skip down the pathway, planning how I can scare my grandpa really badly.

I know! I will burst in the house yelling, put your hands up! In my best scary man voice. I rush over to the nearest poisonous berry bush and pick a handful, dumping them in the basket. This should do it! I thought, he is old anyway, not much point in living much longer. Just then, a blur of gray and black shot past me, wind blowing my hood off. I fix my hood and continue on. A wolf peeked its head out of the woods, eyeing me. As I walk there is a feeling inside of me, a feeling like I am being watched. So I hurry along the path, seeing my grandpas cottage in the distance. As I walk up the steps, I get my man voice ready. I burst inside yelling, “Put your hands up! You have been caught!” I start laughing as I step into view, a few berries falling out. “Hi grandpa! I brought you cookies and berries! The berries are better, so I think you should start with those.” I feel my evil smile creep on to my face, and the corners of my lips turn up. I force them back down as I hand the basket to him. “Well” he grunts. “Don’t mind if I do!” He reaches in and grab 3 berries bringing them to his mouth. Just as my plan was about to work, the glass window shattered and a wolf crashed on to my grandpa, knocking the basket on to the floor and his hand let go. “Noooooo!!!” I screamed, stomping my feet. The wolf growled at me, and I ran out the door, and to my cottage as fast as my legs could carry me. After that, I never returned to the outside world again. But, every once in a while in the month of the incident, I hear the howls of a wolf. Forever reminding me of my past.


Moral of the story: Don’t be evil!


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The Giver, Crafts, and more!

Hello again! This is my first time blogging with my new notebook that’s like a kan-ban. I am really liking it, if you are wondering why there is no Monday, it’s because we didn’t have school on Monday. So here is what my week looked like!

Tuesday-  On Tuesday, I listened to Jess read The Giver, I have already read The Giver, but reading it again, there are plenty of things I don’t remember from before. I also went to the Library and I got the book Into the Woods. I have read 7 or 8 chapters and I really like it so far.

Wednesday- Today I made paper cups with the string in between with Tessa and It works better then I expected!

Thursday- I did crafts like, ALL day! I made cards, painted a sunset, and drew on a shirt with fabric markers with dino stencils to make a dino shirt!

Friday- Today, I did the Spanish Restaurant and game. We had soup, corn tortillas and played Spanish Go Fish. I also read with Tessa and listened to Grace Vanderwaal’s new album, Perfectly Imperfect. I was 5 dollars and the songs are I Don’t Know My Name, Clay, Light The Sky, Beautiful Thing, and Gossip Girl. I really like Grace and her songs.


Well, bye! THANKS FOR READING!! If you read this comment Grace VanderWaal!

Question Time!

So, I am going to answer some questions from a sheet that Nancy gave me this week. Here you go!


Q: Which activities do you feel helped you connect with the natural world?

A: This week I did writers workshop under the trees outside, it was very relaxing laying outside on the blanket writing stories. I also biked to Pura Vida which was super fun and the first time i have really biked somewhere with the school. At Pura Vida, @TessaO and I got matching owl whistles that are necklaces. Also, today I played banana tag outside and enjoyed the weather.


Q: Which activities do you feel helped you connect with your creative self?

A: It was really fun to make salt dough, mold it, and paint it after its baked. I really liked making all the designs on the skeletons for dia de los muertos (day of the dead.) Writers Workshop and being creative in my writing. Spanish Restaurant is creative because of the food choices, and you can try to be creative in your Spanish speaking.


Q: Which activities do you feel helped you challenge yourself mentally?

A: Spanish Restaurant and trying to remember the words and how to understand what the staff is saying. Mystery science, we did How Does Your Brain Control Your Body. We saw that, when you hold a ruler between someones hands, and drop it, the eyes send the message to your brain to catch it, then the brain sends a message to your fingers to catch it, so it takes a bit. Did you know, that if you hold a dollar between someones fingers in the middle, and drop it, almost no one in the world can catch it? Cool right? Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children. I saw that movie this week and I love it! I read the book in three days and its awesome. The ending is completely different from the book though, I also screamed soooooo loud in the theater.


Q: Which activities do you feel helped you connect with your spiritual self?

A: A lot of days I ring the bowl and fan people/get fanned by the turkey feather to clear out negative energy. It also feels amazing. Sometimes we also do sage, Dalai Lama quote Nancy got at Pura Vida and I really like it.


Q: Which activities do you feel helped you gain social awareness/ability?

A: Spanish Restaurant with friends! Banana tag! I did change up and I chose the next book that we will be reading. I also did writers workshop under the trees with people, I helped make spaghetti squash and ate it with lots of people. Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children was with people and that was so fun!


Well, thats all for today! THANKS FOR READING!!!!!


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Roll a Story

Today is going to be a different blog. Instead of telling you about my week, I will write a story from using roll a story. I will just name some of the things I liked this week.

Writers Workshop, Ren Fest!!, Mystery Science, hike at Daniel Boone cave park, Spanish Restuarant, and FALL pumpkin carving.


My Story:



Once there was a grumpy bear. His name was Tony and he disliked everything but honey. When he went into town people tried to be his friend because on the outside he was a cute, cuddly, and nice bear. But on the inside, he was grumpy and didn’t like much. One day, he found a cave hidden underground, you have to push a certain bump on a tree to enter. Down there was a giant cave with a family of squirrels living down there. He scared the family out and moved in. He put all his honey down there with blankets, pillows, kitchen area, and his TV. Then when he was exploring, Tony found a door that he hasn’t opened yet. From all the rust, creaking, and dust, it looked like it had not been open in years. He slowly opened the door for it was hard to pull. Finally he swung the door wide open and inside was a spiral of a hint of red, lots of blue, purple, and black. The colors started sucking him in! Tony grabbed the door for a hold but that just made the door close. After he was out of the colors, it was just pitch black with a bunch of bright balls. “I’m in space!” Tony had some fun floating around untill. He saw earth down below getting smaller and smaller. Tony realized that the door must have not been opened because someone has flown out before, and never came back down to earth. Soon, he was going to be dead from no food or water. Its amazing he isn’t dead already without any space gear. He saw a piece of space litter shooting down to earth. He timed it right and held on for dear life. He felt like he was on fire, landed in a swimming pool and survived to tell people to this day. The one writing this is the Tony himself. The End


The moral of the story:


Be nice and like people. If I had been with a friend down there I would have been saved by then and not suffer those terrible thoughts and burns.

Friday Morning

This week we are trying something new where we blog in the morning, so I wont be blogging about the Spanish restaurant.

This week my favorite thing was probably the mystery science on the moon and why it changes shape. It changes shape because the sun moves around the moon which lights up different parts. I also have been climbing the tree like, every day of the week and its really fun. There are 3 parts of the tree that are my favorite, ones pretty high, one is a little lower and another is pretty low to the ground. I wrote a song with Tessa and that was fun but you will probably (hopefully) never hear it. I also enjoyed doing cartwheels with Tessa and teaching her how to do a pop cartwheel. It’s really fun and a step closer to an ariel. We also pretended to be gymnastic spies, where you are spies but do rolls and cartwheels everywhere.


I didn’t have any challenges this week.


Next week I want to do Mystery Science. We are starting the human body next week and I can’t wait. I’m excited for the one about what blind people see and how your brain controls your body. Those are the only ones I’ve heard of though. I also am super excited for the pumpkin patch on Thursday.


Well, that’s all, Bye! THANKS FOR READING!!!!