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Hiking and Tea

Hello! This week I did lots of things but I am going to focus mostly on two things.

On Monday, sadly there was no school 🙁

On Tuesday we all did Luke’s around the sun, he is now 9 and he brought popsicals for everyone to share.

On Wednesday I didn’t come to school 🙁

On Thursday I did a really fun 5ish mile hike with, Jess, Nancy, Liberty, Alona, Tessa, Ayan, Jake, Conner, Caleb, and Zack. It was more of a medium hike and I had lots and lots of fun!

On Friday (today) I had a tea party with Tessa and Alona. We had tea, crackers, and bread. It was REALLY fun! @tessao

Well, THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lf you read this, comment, hiking with tea! Bye!

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