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Fun Week!!!

On Monday I did Book Club. Right now we are reading a book by Kate’s dad, it is called, Mystery Muffin, Soda Pop, and the Legend of Mr Creepy. It is a pretty good book, I like it.

On Tuesday, I did my first Front Walkover! This is a tutorial of one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4sY00Dm5hI . They are very fun to do but also pretty hard. Now I want to learn a back walkover. It is the same thing but going back instead of forwards.

Today, Friday, I went on a bike ride to Amilies. I went on a bike ride with, Charlotte, Nancy, Tessa, Natalie, Andrew, Michael, Ayan, and Liberty. It was really fun, I got a chocolate mousse cup with a chocolate strawberry.

Well, this week was fun! Bye! THANKS FOR READING!!!! If you read this, comment Chocolate Walkover!

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