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Espanol! (Spanish!)

Hello, Its Friday and I’m writing my blog post. (Obviously)’

This week on Monday I wrote Melissa a birthday card! It was her birthday, (obviously)

On Tuesday I did Spanish songs and videos with Nancy! Nancy, Tessa, Ayan, Luke, Liberty, and I are learning Spanish, so Nancy and I watched some videos in Spanish about monarch butterflys and found fun and easy Spanish songs! It was really fun!

On Wednesday I did book club. Right now we are reading Kate’s Dads book. It is called, Mystery Muffin, Soda Pop, and the Legend of Mr. Creepy. It is a good book so far.

On Thursday we had the school day at Freedom Park. I had lots of fun there and played on the playground a lot.

Friday, also known as today, I did Gymnastics. I am working on my front walkover right now and I am pretty close to doing one. I am also working on a kick over.


Well, that’s all for today, bye! THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you read this, comment Espanol Gymnastic parks!

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