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Gymnastic, Coloring, and More!

Hello! So, this week went by soooooo fast, but I am going to tell you about the key things that happened.

On Tuesday, (we didn’t have school on Monday) I worked on coloring my picture. I am working on coloring an animal mandala of a Betta fish. I recently got a set of 100 gel pens that are all really pretty colors with sparkles and neon and things like that. I think it looks really pretty so far! Also, some kids from the ALC in New York came and went to our school for a week to see how we do things! Two girls, named Nahla and Serena who are 13 both stayed at our house for the week and It was really fun to have them stay there!

On Thursday I went on an urban hike. We hiked up to Romare Bearden park and hung out there for awhile. I did some gymnastics there because I have been really into gymnastics lately and have done some everyday.

On Friday, (today) I did lots of gymnastics and finally learned how to do a backbend from standing up and with no one spotting me!┬áIt may sound easy to some people who don’t do gymnastics or to some people who can do it, but for me, that was AWESOME!

That’s all for today! Bye! THANKS FOR READING!!! If you read this, comment NYC Gymnastics!

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