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Space Jam, Bud Not Buddy, and More!

Hello! It’s Thursday and I am blogging, I am blogging today because on Friday I am going to the Raptor Center and won’t have time tomorrow. Well, this is how my week went!

On Monday I Painted my plaster hand. So, what we did was out plaster over out hand and then let it dry, then, we took it off and let it dry some more, then it is perfect for painting! Today I finished my plaster hand and it is rainbow! I also put plaster on Liberty (@libby) and Michael (@michaelgadhia). It was really fun but it tickled when I took it off.

On Tuesday I went to see the play Bud Not Buddy. We had just finished the book Bud Not Buddy the day before and I thought it was one of the best plays the Children’s Theater has ever done that I saw. It stayed really close to the story line and it was just awesome over all!

On Wednesday I did the Space Jam. That is an offering that Dean offered and it was pretty cool, it rained though so a lot of people left. Basically we had an open mic the whole time and people could go up there and do something, not a lot of people did anything that I saw though.

On Thursday (today) I did Spanish. Today was really fun, what we did was we matched up an animal with the habitat it lives in, and then we said what kinds of animals we have had and what kinds we have. Spanish was really fun today! Like always!

I wish we had time to blog tomorrow though because I want to blog about the Raptor Center but I can’t since it hasn’t happened yet!

THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you read this, comment Bud Not Plaster! BYE!

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