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My week

Hi! It’s Friday and I’m blogging again, so here it is!

This week on Monday I did book club. The book is called Bud Not Buddy and so far I really like it! I don’t want to say much about it because I don’t want to give a spoiler. So if you are wondering what it is then look it up. I really suggest it though!

On Tuesday I did cooking class. This week we made falafels! To go with it we made: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pita bread, and humus. (There were probably more that I can’t remember though.) They were delicious!

On Wednesday I did Mica’s Art! This week, we made dream catchers! So, Mica (Michael’s mom) cut holes in cardstock and we weave yarn thru the holes and can hang stuff off of the other holes, like feathers or yarn or anything you want. It was really fun and they look really pretty!

On Thursday I went on a hike on a urban greenway and it was really fun! I don’t want to get into it though because it’s hard to explain. It was super fun though!

On Friday/today I did Spanish. Nancy made a Spanish game where everyone gets animal cards and one person starts. They say, in Spanish, I have a bunny, who has a turtle. The person who has the pic of the turtle says, I have the turtle, who has the crab? It goes on and on until all the cards have been used.

Well, Bye! If you read this, comment Bud not Buddy in Espanol!

THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. NancyT says:

    Me gusta mucho Bud, Not, Buddy. Estoy muy feliz que Bud encontró una persona en su familia. La vida de Bud fue muy triste, y es muy triste que muchos niños durante “the great depression” no tienen padres o casas.

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