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Stores, Cooking, Costars, and More!

Hey! Another Friday, another bog post. Here’s what my week looked like!

On Monday I went to the Bag Lady with, Kate (@katecake), Tessa (@tessao), Ari (@ariana) and Kristine (@kweb74). At the Bag Lady Tessa, Kate, and I all got these little sprit animal sculptures. Kate got a dolphin, Tessa got a squirrel, and I got an elephant; my elephants name is Willow. I have another one I got a long time ago, he is a ram and his name is Wammy, I was little and trying to say Rammy.

On Tuesday I had fun playing Blockus with Nancy (@nancy) and Alona (@alonalearning) and Liberty (@libby). Nancy and I tied one round and Alona won one round. I also had fun going on a walk with Alona, Liberty, and Nancy. We went and saw the friendly neighborhood pig named Pricilla.

On Wednesday I did fingerprint art with Mica and a bunch of other people. It was where you stuck one of your fingers in acrylic paint and made art work out of your fingerprints. It was awesome! I also went to the Lion King play at first ward elementary school. The costumes and songs were great, but just wish they spoke louder because I couldn’t hear them at some parts.

On Thursday I did cooking class. We made salsa and Jackson’s famous guacamole. Jackson, Will, and Gabe made the guacamole and I made the salsa. They were both delicious!

On Friday (today) I made my own costars by coloring on white ones with sharpie and then blending them together with alcohol. I am also going to Kate’s house after school for an offering where Kristine reads poems and the people that sign up listen and just enjoy them!


That’s all! THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!! If you read this, comment Willow and Costars! BYE!

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