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Art, Gymnastics, and Road Trip

Hello! This will be a shorter post then usual. Here’s my week!

On Tuesday I did the road trip planning. We are having a road trip in the Summer and I am soooo excited! The people going on the road trip are, Liberty, Tessa, Alona, Michael, Andrew, and Jess. We are going go Niagara Falls! I also did Spanish and we played a game, it’s hard to explain the rules but basically you say a sentence that involves an animal and the other people try to guess the animal.


on Wednesday I did Mica’s art offering. She offered coloring and making mandalas. It was really fun and relaxing.


On Thursday I went to the Mint museum and looked at art and played on the kids area.


On Friday (today) Kate, Tessa, and I did a lot of gymnastics all day. I learned: a better handstand, a handstand into a bridge, and I almost did a backbend but I hurt my hand and now it hurts.


well, that’s all for this week, bye!

THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!

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