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Week of Valentines Day

Hello! I haven’t blogged in 2 weeks, since last week we didn’t have a Friday. Now I will tell you what I did this week.

On Monday I did the school Valentines dance with Liberty. We used the kids finance budget to buy food. It didn’t go as we planned because even while we were talking about being respectful because we put a lot of time into this, they weren’t being respectful. It was still pretty fun. Ayan was the DJ and we had a song list that people put songs on that they wanted us to play. We did the hokee pokee and that was AWESOME!!!!


On Tuesday I did the cooking class. We made Cheesecake in a jar and it was delicious! I was on a team with Liberty, Tessa, and Ayan. I wish I ate mine slower. I savored as much as possible but it was soooo good.


On Wednesday I did Mica’s offering. Mica is Michael’s mom and she does an offering every week on Wednesday. This week she did jars. What you do is: Take any type of jar, take modge podge and put of in one spot, take cut up wrapping paper, stick on jar, modge podge on top. Do this all over and at the end it looks cool.


Today is Thursday and I went on the hike. It was super short but super fun! We went to Boyce park and we hiked in the woods, then played banana tag in the baseball field. Then we drove back and now I’m blogging! That’s all for this week!


THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you read this, comment Cheesecake! BYE!

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