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Small Books!

This week on Wednesday I made small books. I made two that were tiny and one that is a little bigger. The bigger one is the tiniest bit cooler because it’s bigger and has more space for things to be cooler. What you do for the smaller ones is you fold the paper like you are making a paper fan. I don’t know how to explain it so if you are curious, look up a tutorial online: How To Make Paper Fans. The bigger one: Fold a square piece of paper in half, crease it. Fold it in half again but the other way, crease. Unfold again so the paper makes a plus sign when unfolded. Then, fold it into a triangle and crease it, then unfold it. the paper should look like this with the creases. Just take away one of the diagonal lines. They look really cool when done. If you wanna see a finished product, then go to @tessao

I know it was shorter then usual but I want to stop now, so bye!!!!


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