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The Giver, Crafts, and more!

Hello again! This is my first time blogging with my new notebook that’s like a kan-ban. I am really liking it, if you are wondering why there is no Monday, it’s because we didn’t have school on Monday. So here is what my week looked like!

Tuesday-  On Tuesday, I listened to Jess read The Giver, I have already read The Giver, but reading it again, there are plenty of things I don’t remember from before. I also went to the Library and I got the book Into the Woods. I have read 7 or 8 chapters and I really like it so far.

Wednesday- Today I made paper cups with the string in between with Tessa and It works better then I expected!

Thursday- I did crafts like, ALL day! I made cards, painted a sunset, and drew on a shirt with fabric markers with dino stencils to make a dino shirt!

Friday- Today, I did the Spanish Restaurant and game. We had soup, corn tortillas and played Spanish Go Fish. I also read with Tessa and listened to Grace Vanderwaal’s new album, Perfectly Imperfect. I was 5 dollars and the songs are I Don’t Know My Name, Clay, Light The Sky, Beautiful Thing, and Gossip Girl. I really like Grace and her songs.


Well, bye! THANKS FOR READING!! If you read this comment Grace VanderWaal!

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