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Today is going to be a different blog. Instead of telling you about my week, I will write a story from using roll a story. I will just name some of the things I liked this week.

Writers Workshop, Ren Fest!!, Mystery Science, hike at Daniel Boone cave park, Spanish Restuarant, and FALL pumpkin carving.


My Story:



Once there was a grumpy bear. His name was Tony and he disliked everything but honey. When he went into town people tried to be his friend because on the outside he was a cute, cuddly, and nice bear. But on the inside, he was grumpy and didn’t like much. One day, he found a cave hidden underground, you have to push a certain bump on a tree to enter. Down there was a giant cave with a family of squirrels living down there. He scared the family out and moved in. He put all his honey down there with blankets, pillows, kitchen area, and his TV. Then when he was exploring, Tony found a door that he hasn’t opened yet. From all the rust, creaking, and dust, it looked like it had not been open in years. He slowly opened the door for it was hard to pull. Finally he swung the door wide open and inside was a spiral of a hint of red, lots of blue, purple, and black. The colors started sucking him in! Tony grabbed the door for a hold but that just made the door close. After he was out of the colors, it was just pitch black with a bunch of bright balls. “I’m in space!” Tony had some fun floating around untill. He saw earth down below getting smaller and smaller. Tony realized that the door must have not been opened because someone has flown out before, and never came back down to earth. Soon, he was going to be dead from no food or water. Its amazing he isn’t dead already without any space gear. He saw a piece of space litter shooting down to earth. He timed it right and held on for dear life. He felt like he was on fire, landed in a swimming pool and survived to tell people to this day. The one writing this is the Tony himself. The End


The moral of the story:


Be nice and like people. If I had been with a friend down there I would have been saved by then and not suffer those terrible thoughts and burns.

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  1. NancyT says:

    What a creative way to incorporate the setting and plot you rolled! Having the bear be in a cave, but rolling a plot that was “getting lost in space” seems like quite the creative challenge for a story!

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