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Friday Morning

This week we are trying something new where we blog in the morning, so I wont be blogging about the Spanish restaurant.

This week my favorite thing was probably the mystery science on the moon and why it changes shape. It changes shape because the sun moves around the moon which lights up different parts. I also have been climbing the tree like, every day of the week and its really fun. There are 3 parts of the tree that are my favorite, ones pretty high, one is a little lower and another is pretty low to the ground. I wrote a song with Tessa and that was fun but you will probably (hopefully) never hear it. I also enjoyed doing cartwheels with Tessa and teaching her how to do a pop cartwheel. It’s really fun and a step closer to an ariel. We also pretended to be gymnastic spies, where you are spies but do rolls and cartwheels everywhere.


I didn’t have any challenges this week.


Next week I want to do Mystery Science. We are starting the human body next week and I can’t wait. I’m excited for the one about what blind people see and how your brain controls your body. Those are the only ones I’ve heard of though. I also am super excited for the pumpkin patch on Thursday.


Well, that’s all, Bye! THANKS FOR READING!!!!

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