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Kitty, Restaurant, Play dough, and More!

Hello! today I am going to write about lots of little things.

This week I brought Minerva or Minnie for short to school on Thursday and Friday. Minnie is the kitten I am fostering for up to a month and a half. She is white with black spots, tiny, and adorable. She likes to play and she likes to take naps on you. Everyone at school likes her, which is good because then we can take to school a lot.

This week I learned how to make play-dough. I am now the queen of play-dough because I have and made so much. I think the recipe is 2 1/2 flour, 1 1/4 salt, 1 tablespoon cream of tartar. Then 2 1/2 cups boiling water, and 5 table spoons oil. Maybe vegetable oil. After you mix all of that super well with your hands, you split it up and add paint to make it colorful, Its really fun and easy to make, I suggest it.


I also learned about constellations. I learned how since the earth is orbiting around the sun, you see different constellations in different seasons.


One of my favorite things about his week was the Spanish Restaurant. This week we had the option of Tea, lemonade, or water. For the appetizers, we had really good spring rolls Nancy made with a peanut dip. For the meal, I ate blackbeans with rice. It was really fun and delicious!



-Questions Of The Week-


Each Member of your family gets a superpower. Who gets what and why?


My dad would get the ability to snap his fingers to make anything appear. Because then we would get really cool stuff like the Tesla and an awesome grill for him to cook on. My mom would get the power to make people feel better when they are sick if they want to. Because then instead of feeling terrible they could do something fun, normally the mom is stuck taking care of sick kids. Alona would get the super power to talk with animals, so she could foster lots of animals and be able to talk with them. I would get the super power to fly so I could travel to all the places in the world.



What would happen if kids rules the world?


Schools would be banned, trampolines wherever you go, all the movies in the world would be free and you could do whatever you wanted all day with no super vision.


Thats all! THANKS FOR READING!!!! Bye!


  1. NancyT says:

    Muchas Gracias por ayudar a Caleb con la fabricación de pasta de modelar! Yo sé que apreciaba eso. Usted es la reina de plastilina ahora!

    El gato is muy pequeno y linda!

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