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Hi! This is going to be one of my longer blogs.


El mejor de la semana fue el restaurante español! Hoy en día, Maribel vino con sus dos hijos y nos sentamos en la mesa de la comida. Nancy había establecido la mesa con un mantel y envuelto desgaste de plata, los menús y frases útiles. Tuvimos unos camareros y cocineros que sólo hablaban en español. Fue super divertido! Tengo uvas para mi aperitivo y Pho para mi comida. Era curioso cómo sirvieron una sopa vietnamita en un restaurante español. Me gustaba decir Resturante mosaico es delisiouso. Que es el restaurante Mosaic es delicioso!


The highlight of my week was the Spanish Restaurant! Today, Maribel came with her two kids and we sat at the food room table. Nancy had set up the table with a table cloth and wrapped up silver wear, menus, and helpful phrases. We had a waiters and cooks that only spoke in Spanish. It was super fun! I got grapes for my appetizer and Pho for my meal. It was funny how they served a Vietnamese soup at a Spanish restaurant. I liked saying Resturante Mosaic es delisiouso. Which is Mosaic Restaurant is delicious!


The other highlight of my week was Liberty, my best friends around the sun! We ran around the sun, I pretended to be her mom and afterwards we had popsicals.


The other highlight of my week was Mystery Science on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday we made magnetic liquid type thing thats hard to explain. On Thursday we made out own sundials. with paper plates, playdough, toothpicks. a sheet of paper, and pencils. I haven’t had a chance to try mine out though.


The other highlight of my week was going to the fire station. I think` I mentioned us taking a walk and we ran into fire man last week and they gave us a tour of the fire station, and fire-safety. that was last week. So yesterday we took a walk to give them cookies, bath-bombs, and a card.


Another highlight was the Talent Show. It didn’t go as Liberty and I hoped, but it was still fun to see the talents. Liberty and I sang I Don’t Know My Name by Grace Vanderwaal. It wasn’t our best but what ever.




  1. NancyT says:

    I thought for fun I’d use google translate to write you a message!! You can try to google translate it back to English!!

    Siempre me gusta ver a su enthusaism para la vida y el aprendizaje. También aprecio su liderazgo en la “Spawn Point” cuando usted facilita. Me alegro de que había divertido tanto en el restaurante español hoy! Fue mi actividad favorita de esta semana!

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