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Last day of the first week of school

Hi its Elisha! This is the last day of the first week of school! Since this is my first blog of this year, i’m going to say what i want to: accomplish, learn, make, be, and practice. and maybe others that I can think of. So, first.

What I want to accomplish: Finishing the Narnia series, Climbing higher in a tree

What I want to learn: More about animals,

What I want to make: Mandalas,

What I want to be: Kinder to people, Better about chores,

What I want to practice: Drawing, Gymnastics,

Now, I’m going to choose one of my intentions and write on thing about it.


I choose…….. Gymnastics


I’m going to take classes in gymnastics.

I’m to practice whenever I can.


Bye!! Thanks for Reading!!!!!

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  1. Melissa says:

    I would love to color mandalas with you Elisha! (Or do you want to make your own?) I have some cool stained glass (transparent) mandalas under the table in the big room. ??

    It sounds like a lot of kids at school are interested in gymnastics this year. Would you like to find a teacher who could offer that at school? I could help you look into that and put a proposal up on the kids finance committee board if you want.

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