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The Garden

The ride there was about an hour, but it felt like 10 minutes!!

When my car got there we waited for about 5 minutes for the rest of our group arrived. Then Roots, Kate, Tessa, and Isabella got there and we started walking around. It was a self-guided tour so we went where we wanted to.

First we went to a birdcage looking thing that spins. Some people got inside and some people pushed them. I was one of the people inside. It was really fun until I hit my leg and got dizzy.

After that Branches and Roots separated and Branches went to a giant bird nest you can sit in. There were branches poking me but other wise it was cool.

Next, we went to the fountains! Branches and Roots were there together and we all played in the fountains and mini pools. After awhile, the big jets of water that go over a pathway turned off and we were getting ready to go. Then all the sudden when Jess was standing on the pathway, the fountains turned on and splashed her in the side of her face. It was so funny!!

Next, we visited the white garden. ALL the flowers there bloom white, that’s why a lot of people get married there. In the white garden, Jess took a picture of my group and then we looked in the gift shop. In the gift shop Kristine Webster bought everybody that wanted one a popsicle. Then, we got in the car and drove back to school! Another hour that felt like ten minutes!


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