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My week

Hello, this is my blog. These are the things I did this week:




Tuesday: Poker with fake money, Gratitude Circle, I entered my name in a raffle to win a bag of M&Ms and won, and I played Apples to Apples with Will M, Liberty, and Alona.


Wednesday: I did Writers Workshop! Yay! Its back! I did change up, and I did a meeting on how to share our space in the school, because of projects.


Thursday: I did BOOM, George came in and he did some chemistry. I played Werewolves and won the 2nd time playing. and I made deodorant and delivered it to Urban Ministries.


Friday: Today I helped with Friendship trays, a thing where people deliver meals to people who cant leave their houses. I also played Blokus and watched Natalie, Jess, and Liberty play Trivial Pursuit.


So thats it for my blog!!




comment Blokus is awesome if you read this!


Do it now! Don’t put it off!


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