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My 3 day week

Hi! Im going to tell you about my 3 day week.

On Wednesday I offered The game of things. It was really fun. The people that played were: Nancy, Me, Liberty, Louisa, Isabella, and Kate and Tomis joined later.


Thursday: On Thursday I hung out in a box with Kate for an hour. It was actually really fun. I pulled Tessa with a rope with her on roller skates. Kate and I were pretending to be sled dogs when we were pulling Tessa. Last but not least, I put glitter in ,y hair with Kate. 2 kinds of blue.


Friday: Today I played little kids with Kate, and wore pigtails to try and look younger. I also played Texas hold em. I was really fun, but I lost.


So that was my 3 day week!!!



P.S If you read this, comment Texas hold em is awesome


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