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My fun week

Hello! Welcome back to my blog this week I did really fun things here are a few of the things that I did.

Math U see. I did math u see, this week we didnt to math sheets though we did a game. The  game was, you had 8 spaces and there was a spinner, the first number you spin thats how many circles you draw. Then you spin again, and thats how many stars you draw in each circle. who ever has the most stars in the end wins. I wont this game.

Kate and I for 2 days a lot of the time was write the first episode in our show we are making called Lizzie and Zoey. Its about 2 girls and they are famous. I play Lizzie and Kate plays Zoey. We also had auditions and practiced a little bit.

Kate and I also did something this week called gymnastics airplane wars. Its where you have 2 people with one airplane each. You have to hit the other person with the airplane. But to get around and dodge the airplane, you have to do gymnastics like cartwheels and rolls and handstands. Its really fun! You should try it! and also when you hit the other person with the airplane, you win and they lose.


Toilet paper roll family time. Lots of people including Kate, me, Tessa, and maybe Isabella, made toilet paper roll familys. It where you take toilet paper rolls (without toilet paper on them) and glue on eyes, legs, arms, and if you want, hair. To make babys you just cut one in half and get the smaller ones of everything. Kate and I were the only ones that made them houses though.


Last but not least, presenting…. BIZTOWN! Today I did Biztown. This week we did fake interviews to eachother. I was the person who asked the questions, and the person answering questions. It was really fun, as usual.

So thats my week! THANKS FOR READING! If you read this please comment saying. “I read your awesome blog!”

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