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My super fun week

Hello! I am back! So this week was super fun i’ll tell you what I did this week.

MONDAY: I walked to the Plaza in the rain. I didn’t really get that wet.

TUESDAY: On Tuesday I played Biztown Bingo it was fun because I like Bingo and Biztown. I won first then Liberty won the 2nd round.

WEDNESDAY: On Wednesday I did Amy S. We have one big play, and 2 dances. Then 2 more little skits. Liberty, Kate, Isabella and I in one, and Alona, Tessa, Ayan, Emilia, and Natalie. I also played family and helped Nancy build Buns a new cage. Its not done, but almost.

THURSDAY: HIDEAWAY WOODS!! At Hideaway Woods we also saw lemurs, Wolves, Bears, mini Alpacas, Turtles, Pigs, Bunnies. We went on a dinosaur trail and played in all the tree houses. There were big logs to climb on and sticks intertwined together to make really cool human sized stick houses.

FRIDAY: On Friday I did Biztown, I asked Nancy to draw me a flower and I played in the rain with Kate.

See you next time!




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