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My week that I never remember

So, as usual I can not remember much of my week accept a few tiny things. Here are the few things I do remember.



Yesterday on Thursday, Me, Lib,  Kate, Reagen, Isabella, and the driver, Dean.  We all went to the ice-cream place Rita’s. We all got Italian Ice and it was so good! All of us also wanted to sing there for entertainment, so we asked. They gave us an email and told us that maybe we could perform on something called Sprit night. It’s too long to explain, so maybe you can search it on the internet. That was really fun. NEXT THING NOW!!



I went to uptown for the entire day pretty much.  With some other people.

I also sold perfume with Lib, Sara, Isabella, and Kate. We sold a lot and also got some donations. WE GOT A DONATION FROM A POLICE OFFICER!! Anyway, NEXT THING ON WEDNESDAY.

Free face painting:

We also did free face painting for people and did face painting for the owner of the book store. The used one next to Rita’s.



TUESDAY WAS AWESOMELY AWESOME! That day all day we went to the ZOO! It took 2 hours to get there. Luckily, I downloaded 2 movies.  Soul Surfer, and Lion King 2. That’s all now!



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