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My Week

My week was really fun! But the weird thing is that happens every week is that I cant think of a single thing to blog about!

Wait! I thought of 2 things! I’ll now blog about those things.

1st: Getting Wet! Me, Lib, Sara, and Kate were super hot the last week and we got cup fulls of water and dumped it on ourselves and eachother. WATER FIGHT as well!


2nd: Hideout time! So, Kate, Me, Lib, Tessa, and Sara all searched and searched for a secrete hideout. Of course I can’t tell you where it is, because then, it wouldn’t be a SECRETE hideout. Plus, the hideout is kinda from the boys. And I don’t want the boys finding out about the hideout. Well, thats all I want to blog about, sooooo BYE!!




  1. NancyT says:

    The hideout seemed fun this week! Just remember to clean it up after using it!

    I loved going to international house with you too – I know you couldn’t understand much though so I can see how that would be boring for you…but if you’re ever down to practice more, I’m up for exploring more ways to help you practice 🙂

    • Elisha says:

      Ok, we will make sure to clean it! I am really busy and stuff so I might not be able to practice much. Also, the days seem like a couple minutes. The time goes by so fast and It’s hard to do everything that I want to do already. Plus, in the morning, I intend to do like 20 things a day on my trello. So…. I’m always super busy.

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