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My Day/Week

I did a lot of stuff this week, but here are the few I remember. I will list a little bit of things I remember, but just a couple sentences of each.

1st: Footscrub that Sarah brought to do to all lot if people’s feet. These are the people I remember: Alona, Me, Tessa, Isabella, Liberty, Kate, and Nancy.

2nd: SNOW SNOW SNOW or ice ice ice: A couple days ago I looked out the window and I saw ice everywhere! School was canceled the whole week till Thursday.

3rd: Tackle tackle tackle!: Me, Kate and Liberty also had a lot of fun tackling Dean. Don’t worry, Dean WAS having fun tackling us back!

4th: Dance off!: Me, Lib, Kate, Tessa, Isabella, and Dean and Jacob as our judges! 1 by 1 we all danced and got our scores!

5th: Models in a Fashion Show: Me, Isabella, Kate, Lib, Tessa, and Evan all participated in a nice fun fashion show! We all took turns judging (except me) and it was all a competition!


That’s all I can remember today soo….. THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG POST!!! HAVE A NICE DAY!!


I also got an email for people wanting The Wofies business done once a week.



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  1. NancyT says:

    That’s so cool you have a customer for the Wolfies! Let me know when you need any help/support with this from a Facilitator. I’d like to meet the person and clear with your mom a process that feels safe and happy for everyone with you taking clients in the neighborhood! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You girls have been working really hard to get clients 😉

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