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Friday Blog Post

So, yesterday me, @libby (my BFF), @Alonalearning, @Tessa, and @Sassygirl26,  all went to visit The Green School. In this post, I will write things the same, things I like, and things I don’t  really like about the school. First I will write the things I like.

  1. Pet cat fish
  2. Pet guinea pigs
  3. Had woods
  4. Taped trees with sticky stuff to catch bugs

Now, the things that are the same:

  1. Kanbans
  2. Go to small groups
  3. Have meetings all together

Now, the things I don’t really like:

  1. Have to do math, reading and writing before going outside and having lunch
  2. 5 min. timer for snack time.  (It’s not even good to eat your food fast)
  3. In the morning they always go on a meditation walk, you have to be quiet in the meditation walk in the woods.

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