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Today, I colored in a coloring book. I colored a pic of a horse, and a rainbow in the background.  Here is a pic of the horse I colored.  photo


Do you like it? I just realized that I forgot to color the grass, because I didn’t see the grass when I was coloring. Anyway, if you like my coloring job, please comment below. THANKS FOR READING!!!


Oh! Also, one more thing for today…. Today was Ayan’s sun ceremony, because he is leaving for India. 🙁 For a whole month! But we will see him again in January. Well, I have to stop writing now so I can do my trello, so… THANKS FOR READING!! FOR THE LAST TIME!!!


  1. NancyT says:

    The unicorn looks very colorful, even without the grass!

    Ayan’s sun ceremony was fun! I will miss him while he’s gone, but know he will be doing some super cool things, like seeing the Taj Mahal and family 🙂

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